t is a big thing around the world – now it comes to Pattaya!
For a long time the team at Pattaya People Media Group have been researching reader competitions in newspapers from around the world with the purpose to find a concept suitable for our very own readers here in Pattaya. Now we found it – and it is: THE BIG PATTAYA PEOPLE LUCKY DRAW.
The Lucky Draw will take place every Tuesday, during the live Radio broadcast of the “Morning Radio Show” on “Yes2day – Pattaya People Radio – 96FM” from 08.00 to 11.00 am. It is our plan to continue the Lucky Draws for a long time to come, and publicize the winning numbers on all our media (Radio, TV and Newspaper).
To participate in the Lucky Draws one must first get a “Lucky Draw Card” from the Pattaya People office in Soi Day-Night, off South Pattaya Road, or register on-line on the www.pattayapeople.com website. Obtaining the “Lucky Draw Cards” and on-line internet registration can be done from 1. December 2008. The “Lucky Draw Cards” are numbered and this “Lucky Number” (only one per person) can be kept for all future draws. If anyone looses the “Lucky Draw Card” a copy of the registration will be kept in a safe place at the Pattaya People Office and as such a new “Lucky Draw Card” can be issued.
The prizes to be won are fantastic! They include brand new Motorcycles, large screen TVs, plus all the latest brand name Electrical Appliances. There will be Dinner for Two prizes at a selection of great restaurants in Pattaya; Food and wine prizes, and many other fabulous items to be won. No strings attached! It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to participate in THE BIG PATTAYA PEOPLE LUCKY DRAW. If someone participates in the lucky draw and is not present in Pattaya, then a representative can be assigned to pick up the winning prizes at the Pattaya People office.
Every week, full page advertising in both English and Thai languages will inform the readers of Pattaya People Weekly newspaper of the prizes in the Lucky Draw and also provide information of some of the lucky people who have won prizes.
When one registers for the “Lucky Draw Card” (at the Pattaya People office) or online on the www.pattayapeople.com website, the person must give following information: Name, Address, Telephone, Email and Nationality. Then the “Lucky Draw Card” can be chosen. And guess what, you can choose your own “Lucky Draw Number”!
The live-Radio draw every Tuesday by the special guest of the day will be recorded and shown on TV several days after each Draw, and publicized in Pattaya People Weekly Newspaper every week. There will also be a special section on the www.pattayapeople.com website for THE BIG PATTAYA PEOPLE LUCKY DRAW where people can find out what prizes are to be drawn and what numbers won the last Draw (as well as making the on-line registration for the “Lucky Draw Cards”).
We hope that this exciting new project will create much happiness and give a little extra spice to everyone’s life right here in fabulous Pattaya. Good Luck Everyone, the fun starts here!